Its February 11, 2018. We are on our way south – supposedly somewhere much warmer. We’ve just spend a few days at Whaler’s Rest RV park in Newport, Oregon. The weather was very spring-like, and we were walking on the beach in the sun three days out of four.

Tomorrow, the plan was to head south to Grant’s Pass, and overnight in a WalMart parking lot before heading to Redding, CA. However, the TV weather guy says it will be freezing on the I5 southbound. We check the weather network and weather bug – sure enough, we are looking at temps of -5C to -7C in that area. We’re not sure our batteries will support running the propane furnace all night long to keep us and the plumbing in our enclosed and heated underbelly warm enough.

We looked at going south on the coast and heading east to Redding once we get into coastal California. However, there are several high mountain passes and it is a lot slower and father.

So, we break down and decide we will need a full-hookup site. Looking to stay at Myrtle Creek, south of Roseburg using our Passport America (half-price) membership, or Grant’s Pass at a Good Sam park (10% off).

So, you never know – but we shouldn’t have to face any more really cold weather until we make our way back to Alberta in late April.